Welcome to the website of me the Rose D'Or award-winning writer, performer & producer. This is your total best place to gather data on me and my work. A biog on my agent's site is here.

Things I do / done:

Jus writin

The Telly:

Russell Howard's Good News

Have I Got News For You

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Now

Rude Tube



The Radio:

Dead Ringers


The Now Show

News Quiz


Radio 4's Christmas Crackers

It's Jocelyn

In 2015 an episode of Newsjack that I script-edited with Grainne Maguire was submitted for, and won the Rose D'Or Award for Best Radio Comedy

See how it sparkles:

Writin n performin

I wrote and appeared in ITV2's Bad Bridesmaid


Here's some stuff I've written and been in for The Poke and BBC Comedy


I wrote and performed in a series of BBC3 comedy idents called 15 Seconds of Funny


I scripted and starred in short film The Bride & The Bride which was selected for the BFI’s 25th London Lesbian And Gay Film Festival. I got to introduce the film at the NFT and everythin.


I've written and performed two full length stand-up shows, Sarah Campbell: Isn't It Fun??????? (trailer here) in 2013, and 2014's Don't Worry Guys It's Sarah Campbell. It got one nice mention in The Guardian.


In 2013 I was featured on BBC Radio 4's Fresh From The Fringe. There's a video here on the BBC website.


Apart from the upcoming Bad Bridesmaid, my TV acting credits include BBC3's Live At The Electric New Tricks (BBC1), and Sky sitcoms The Spa and Spy in which I played Agent Lisa. I was in Daniel Simonsen's Channel 4 online BLAPS pilots, which is in the videos bit.


I also play Mila Kunis's gynaecological nurse in the upcoming movie Jupiter Ascending (for realz).

“Hugely talented…If you haven’t heard the name Sarah Campbell yet, then log it into the old memory banks, you’ll be hearing from her again”

Time Out

"Brilliantly funny"

The Guardian

"One of the stand-out stand-ups of the future"

British Comedy Guide

“You can’t help but feel genuinely privileged to be in the room with Sarah Campbell…her sharp, conversational style has abundant freshness and charm.”

The Skinny