Some stand-up shows I am doing or have done:

Don't Worry Guys It's Sarah Campbell

My second hour of stand-up at the Edinburgh Fringe, 2014's: Don't Worry Guys It's Sarah Campbell

Sarah Campbell: Isn't it Fun???????

My full-length stand-up debut at the Edinburgh Festival with my show Sarah Campbell: Isn't it Fun???????


Press Release:

5.05pm | Cabaret Voltaire | 3rd-24th August (not 15th)


Edinburgh Fringe Debut


One day the sun will explode and wipe out any trace that human civilisation was ever here. Until then, lets salsa!

Sarah Campbell: Isn't It Fun???????: A stand-up show about doing fun wrong, and finding joy in unexpected places.

Very funny The Guardian

Having spent the last couple of years writing for Russell Howards Good News and Have I Got News For You, and appearing in BBC3s Live At The Electric and Sky sitcoms Spy and The Spa, comedian Sarah Campbell is making her long-overdue solo debut on the fringe.  And shes got quite a bit to say.

One of the stand-out stand-ups of the future British Comedy Guide

With a persona one critic once described as Blue Peter meets Children of The Corn, Sarah talks about feeling out-of-step with everyone else, about not enjoying the things shes supposed to, and taking an odd glee in some lesser known pleasures. Think chronic anxiety and glow-sticks. Think failing at actual holidays versus happy hours spent on Tripadvisor searching for reviews containing the word cataclysm.  Therell be highs, therell be lows and therell be some perfectly tolerable mid-range feelings.

Hugely talentedIf you havent heard the name Sarah Campbell yet, then log it into the old memory banks, youll be hearing from her again Time Out

Despite only now making her solo debut this year, Sarah has written and appeared in a number of Edinburgh comedy shows. Way back in 2005 she starred with Sarah Solemani (Him & Her, Bad Education) in Pray For The Souls Of Martha and Veronica, in 2008 she teamed up with Grainne Maguire to bring their hit London club The Cheese and Pineapple Club to the fringe (**** The List), in 2010 she showed her stand-up promise in her half-hour show Sarah Campbell: 27 Up, and in 2011 she and double-act partner Amy Hoggart performed a sketch show Christmas For Two: Friends With You. They are now slated to appear on CBBCs version of Live at The Apollo.

Sarah Campbell: 27 Up

In 2010 I did a stand-up show based on concept of the legendary documentary series 7 Up in which participants are filmed every seven years of their lives.


27 Up was about my life to date. The next show in the series, Sarah Campbell: 54 Up, is due in 2037. At the end of 27 Up I gave the audience free tickets to 54 Up in the form of fridge magnets.


Every so often I bump into a ticket holder. Some of them even have the tickets on them.